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LUIGI BOZZOLAN (Rome1978) // currently based in Gällivare, Sweden - Laponia.

Pianist, composer, music teacher and project leader, Luigi divides his time teaching and performing. He is unanimously recognized for his fine sense of harmony, brilliant technique and strong artistic personality. Recently he steers his professional activity toward solo concerts and piano solo works.

Luigi Bozzolan starts his professional artistic career in Italy at the age of 16 playing in several festivals and tours in pop, rock and jazz contexts playing for a long time piano, keyboards, synthesizers and Fender Rhodes piano as side man. In Italy he studied classical music and earned a Bachelor Degree in -Jazz - at the Conservatory of Music "L.Refice" in Frosinone.

From 2008 as project leader he starts to extend his concert activity touring in Europe and all over the world ( Italy, Morrocco, Gabon, Cameroon, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Guatemala, Columbia, Perú, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Kenya, France, Danemark, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway...) as soloist, leader and co-leader in Jazz-Impro-Contemporary areas.

He stably played for many years in duo with the saxophonist Eugenio Colombo whom he touring with. 

2010 he moved in Göteborg (Sweden) where he got the Master Degree in Improvisation at the Academy of Music and Drama ARTISTEN. During those years he weawes collaborations with many local artists around Brötz Club playing many gigs, leading the New Impro Ensemble and Luigi Bozzolan Swedish Trio.  

In January 2013 he receives from the Conservatory of Music "L. Refice" in Frosinone the grants "Working with Music 2013", having the chance to work as pianist and member staff at Brötz Association in Göteborg (Sweden).
In 2014, in collaboration with severl artists based in Turin, he found the Green Brötz Turin, a collective of musicians and performers, arranging concerts, festivals, conferences and activities focusing around contemporary forms of art and improvisation. Members of Green Brötz Turin performed in Turin Jazz Festival 2014
He composed the sounds for the racing car simulator Assetto Corsa I by "Kunos Simulazioni srl" for Playstation 4 and Xbox editionsSince October 2014 he moves in Swedish Laponia as appointed piano teacher at Kulturskola in Gällivare.

In 2015, with Luigi Bozzolan Swedish Trio (Jonny Wartel-sax and Henrik Wartel-drums), he plays at Novara Jazz 2015 and Ivrea Jazz in occasion of the Italian tour.
He records "Seven Steps Through the Information Channel" by the composer Luigi Marino, with Giancarlo Schiaffini (trombone), Eugenio Colombo (sopran sax) and  Francesco Lo Cascio (vibraphone). 
Duo performance at New Direction Festivalen in Luleå (Sweden) with Achille Succi (tenor sax and bass clarinet) in collaboration with the swedish association Kluster.
In 2016 with RÄVELDEN Trio (Luigi Bozzolan - piano, Torbjörn Ömalm - guitar, Markus Larsson - drums) he realeased the album DOLA SUITE with the saxophonist Achille Succi as guest.
In 2017 he is project leader, composer and pianist in M I N N E T G Å R ; a concept performance for images, live soundtrack and acting
As staff member and piano teacher is member of the EU music partnership project Italy-Sweden-Poland 2016-2018.Pianist with NIO (Norrbotten Impro Orchestra) during the "New Directions Festival 2017" playing music by Pauline Oliveros and Björn Eriksson at Akusticum Studio in Piteå - Sweden. 

2018 he released the piano solo album FÁPMU presented as premiere in Italy at Piano City Festival 
2018 in Milan.

2019 he is in tour in Sweden and Norway performing concerts in piano solo and quartet (with Alberto Pinton sax/clarinet, N
iklas Barnö-trumpet and Vilheml Bromander-bass). 
The same year the releasing of
RACCOLTO, the second album in duo with Eugenio Colombo for the italian label Setoladimaiale.

2020 he publishes the book Luca Flores - uomo, musicista, artista.



Simultaneously to the artistic path, he also starts teaching at the age of 20.

He taught Classic Piano, Jazz Piano, Improvisation, Harmony, Theory of Music, Arrangement, History of Music, Ensemble and Ear Training as private teacher and at schools of Music in Italy- Rome and Turin. He is often invited lecturer on Improvisation and Jazz (Guatemala, Argentina, Italy and Sweden).
Currently Luigi is appointed teacher in piano and music at Kulturskolan in Gällivare - Swedish Laponia.

Conferences and lectures:

- Invited speaker at the Italian Institute of Culture in Cordoba (Argentina) – “Relations between Improvisation and Composition”

- Invited speaker at the Teater of Guatemalan Institute of Culture in Guatemala City (Guatemala) – “Improvisation as method of Composition”

- Lecture-seminar at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg (Sweden) – “ Brillant Corners (Thelonious Monk) and Digression (Lennie Tristano) : analysis and comparison”.

Paper works and published articles:

- "Brillant Corners (T.Monk)- Digression (L.Tristano ) Analysis and comparison" (English, Italian)

- "Luca Flores: pianista di jazz"  (Bachelor Degree thesis , Italian)

- "Extemporaneous methods of composition and creative mechanism of improvisation" (Master project, English)

- "New Impro Ensemble experience and the disc  Hem Ljus Luigi Bozzolan Trio, Solo, Ensemble" (Master Degree project, English)

He writes articles in the web blog A proposito di jazz directed by the journalist Gerlando Gatto.

Giancarlo Schiaffini, Eugenio Colombo, Achille Succi, Cristiano Calcagnile, Francesco Lo Cascio, Luigi Marino, Zeno De Rossi, Federico Marchesano, Martin Mayes, Ettore Fioravanti, Pierpaolo Ferroni, Mattia Di Cretico, Giulio Ciani, Davide Di Pasquale, Federica Zammarchi, Costanza Alegiani, Biagio Orlandi, Michele Anelli, Erika Sollo, Alessandra Bossa, Mattia Barbieri, Fabrizio "Bozzi" Fenu, Mauro Basilio, Stefano Giorgi, Lucio Villani, Davide Tomat, SUPERBUDDA, Francesca Cola, Ermanno Baron, Marcello Allulli...

NIO (Norrbotten Impro Orchestra), Gino Robair, Martin Joseph, Jonny Wartel, Henrik Wartel, Alfred Lorinius, Johan Hjalmarsson, Olli Rantala, Johan Renman, Andreas Wartel, Johan Horner, Aaron Diaz, Simon Petermann, Malin Wättring, Nicolay Vassilev, Johanna Östling, Eliazer Kramer, Alberto Garcia De Leon , Michele Collins, Lief Moxon-Emre, Jerker Johansson, Urban Isaksson, Markus Larsson, Pernilla Fagerlön, Torbjörn Ömalm...
Radio broadcastings:

- Tele Radio Stereo "Jazz a nota libera" conducted by Massimo Nunzi.
- Radio Rai 3 Suite "La Stanza della Musica".
- Radio Rai International "Taccuino Italiano" conducted by Pierluigi Castellano.
- Radio Rai International conducted by Ugo Coccia.


- As pianist, Prize 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 etiditions of  "Egisto Macchi" contest for choirs.
- As pianist and arranger, National Prize " U.Bindi 2007 " with the singer C.Morucci.
- As pianist, arranger and composer with  "Luigi Bozzolan Quartet", finalist at the international contest "Barga Jazz 2008".
- As pianist, arranger and composer with  "Luigi Bozzolan Quartet", semi-finalist at "St.Louis Contest 2009".
- Finalist at "Jazz-Up 2012" in Piano Solo.